Get Your Home Recorded Tracks Sounding Tight and Ready For Release with Editing Essentials

Editing Tools and Concepts

Completely new to editing? This module goes over all of the basic tools you'll need to edit yur tracks!

From automated tools, to all of the individual options for cutting, and splicing together tracks: this module will make sure you are in the know, and know when each tool is best suited for the job!

Tools covered for Pro Tools, Reaper, and Cubase

Editing Drums and Creating Triggers

This module covers all things drum editing, and sample replacement via midi! Learn how to edit drums both manually, and with various tools such as beat detective as well as what scenarios are best for each tool in your toolbox!

Covered in Pro Tools, Reaper, and Cubase

Editing Guitar and Bass

This module is all focused on editing your guitar and bass tracks!

Learn how to read pick attack visually for each type of note, as well as lock in the feel for your rhythm section while maintaining the width, and feel in your stringed instruments!

Covered in Pro Tools, Reaper, and Cubase

Editing Vocals

Learn how to take your home recorded vocals, and give them the professional cleanup they need to sound their best in a professional mix.

From time aligning both manually and using tools such as vocalign to tuning with tools like Melodyne, VariAudio, and Autotune: this module covers the entire process of editing vocals!

Covered in Pro Tools, Reaper, and Cubase

Editing Essentials With Mike Skinner

  • 20+ Lesson Videos
  • Access to the Private Community with Mike Skinner
  • PDF Workbook
  • Multitracks for the Song To Edit Along With
  • Exclusive Discounts from Some of The Best Plugin Companies In Our Space!