About us

The Modern Metal Songwriter helps rock and metal musicians create better songs at home with creative tools, educational content, and our free facebook community.

All focused on the aspects of music that matter most: Songwriting, and Production.

About Isaiah Prather

Isaiah is a Producer/Mixing Engineer based out of Cleveland, Ohio. He began his music career playing in multiple small bands, and eventually began producing and mixing for regional bands. This led to working under established producers, and working on songs for record labels such as Fearless Records, and Suburban Noize Records.

About Johnny Fitzgerald

Johnny Fitzgerald is a producer/mixing engineer out of Atlanta Georgia. Starting off as a drummer and guitarist for multiple bands, he eventually found a love for producing and mixing artists. With a musicians background, Johnny has been able to help the various artists he’s worked with craft better songs before the final mix process that they can be more confident in, and that’s what led to him being a co-founder of MMS.

Johnny Fitzgerald Headshot

How did The Modern Metal Songwriter get started?

We started off as a simple Facebook Community for Rock and Metal musicians with a focus on WRITING better music. With Metal, so much of the conversation is about "mixing" or "tone", but so little is about the creation of the song itself, or its parts. 

We are all guilty of tweaking a guitar tone for hours on end, yet put no thought into making our songs the best they can be so that they connect you with more fans. 

So our goal was to create a community that helps put a focus back on the songwriting and production side of rock and metal through educational videos, free guides, and songwriting competitions with genre-specific rules aimed to help writers get outside of their comfort zone and flex their abilities.