Overcome your Songwriting Struggles and Learn To Take Songs from "Concept To Completion"

Meet Tom Denney:

Tom and His Work

Meet Tom Denney, a significant figure in the modern metal scene, whose extensive career has profoundly influenced the genre. As a founding member and the original lead guitarist of A Day to Remember, Denney has been instrumental in defining the sound of modern metal and pop-punk. His contributions to pivotal albums like "Homesick" and "For Those Who Have Heart" have not only showcased his exceptional skills as a guitarist but have also left an undeniable mark on the music industry.

Beyond his achievements with A Day to Remember, Denney has distinguished himself as a talented producer and engineer, working with various bands to hone their sound and bring their musical visions to life. His expertise behind the scenes demonstrates a versatility and commitment to quality that has earned him respect across the music community.

Don't Let The DAW Slow You Down

Explore Tom's modern approach to songwriting that focuses on removing all of the friction in your creative process - ultimately allowing you to not only writer better songs, but to write them more efficiently than ever!

Get Access to Tom's writing template, and learn how to build one that suits all of your needs step-by-step - before Tom begins writing the track for this course!

Writing The Song

At the heart of the course, this module dives into the nuts and bolts of creating a song from scratch!

From a simple riff idea to final demo, you'll learn how to piece together elements that resonate with listeners, and make help round out the song to one "complete idea"

Lesson Preview: Writing Leads with Midi Guitar

Post-Production and Samples

This module takes you through adding the finishing touches of your track, and learning how to make the production and music feel like one cohesive unit!

In this module, Tom goes over the effective use of samples, and various ways to elevate the sound quality and texture of your tracks, while maintaining one clear sound!

Feedback and Final Tracking

This section is focused on highlighting the importance of refining your work, and improving upon unfinished ideas!

In these videos, Tom shows how to use feedback to improve your tracks, and how to take these notes to the final recording phase where all elements of the song are perfected and captured before mixing!

Vocal Layering and FX

Focusing on vocal writing tricks, this section teaches how to add depth and character to your songs through vocal layering and the strategic use of effects, providing your tracks with the emotional impact they deserve.

This section is focused soley on how to represent your vocals in the best way possible, rather than a lyric, or melody lesson.

Concept To Completion With Tom Denney

This course is tailored for rock and metal musicians looking to create a system that helps you put out better music more consistently, by removing the variables that slow the creative process.

With Tom's guidance, you'll learn how to turn your musical ideas into fully-fleshed songs, ready to record and send off for mixing!

This course is an invaluable resource for those looking to finish more riff ideas, and end up with less unfinished songs on your desktop left to be unheard

Here's What You Get:

  • 25+ Lesson Videos
  • Access to the Private Community with Tom Denney
  • PDF Workbook
  • Tom Denney’s Writing Template (Adapted for Various DAWs)
  • Stems for the Song Tom Writes in the Course To Study!
  • $75 MMS Production Store Voucher To Get Some New Tools!
  • Exclusive Discounts from Some of The Best Plugin Companies In Our Space!