DAY 1: Learning New (To You) Music

In this video, Tom Denney (A Day To Remember, Pierce The Veil, and Secrets) shares one of the most overlooked, and practical strategies for overcoming writer's block.

This video is meant to emphasize the importance of learning new songs for inspiration, highlighting three key ways this practice can benefit songwriters. From exploring diverse song structures to uncovering lyrical themes, he reveals how immersing yourself in unfamiliar music can spark fresh ideas!

Remember, it's not about taking someone’s song and ripping it off or anything like that. It's about taking your mind out of the "normal" ways you would play, and seeing what comes from it!

Tom and His Work

Meet Tom Denney, a significant figure in the modern metal scene, whose extensive career has profoundly influenced the genre. As a founding member and the original lead guitarist of A Day to Remember, Denney has been instrumental in defining the sound of modern metal and pop-punk.

Beyond his achievements with A Day to Remember, Denney has distinguished himself as a talented producer and engineer, working with various bands to hone their sound and bring their musical visions to life.