Declassified: Impulse Responses For Rock and Metal The Modern Metal Songwriter

Declassified: Impulse Responses For Rock and Metal

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The Declassified IR Pack is a pack of over 120+ professionally captured and mixed impulse responses designed to make getting a mix-ready guitar tone easier than ever.



With DECLASSIFIED, you are getting custom-made IR’s that we captured and mixed with HUGE Rock and Metal guitars in mind. With this pack, you can stop the endless tone search, and finally get back to doing what you love: writing music.


Not sure how to use an IR? Learn how HERE!


  • 120+ Mix-Ready Impulse Responses
  • Featuring blends of 4 Classic Mics on 2 Time-Tested Cabinets
  • Pre-Mixed for easy use
  • IR's Crafted  for 6, 7, and 8 String Guitars
  • Mix-Ready IR's - Works With Any Amp Sim

Whether you’re going for crushing rhythm tones, soaring leads, or sparkling cleans, this pack has got you covered.

These impulse responses are great for: 

  • Creating unique guitar tones from scratch
  • Getting the most variety out of your Amp Sim, and Direct Amp Sounds
  • Blending Cabinets for a completely new sound
  • Improving Stock Amp Sim IR's
  • Fix Weak Sounding Amp Tones

Listen To Some Examples:


  • A DAW, and an amp simulator with an IR Loader.


IR's Captured by Anthony Potenza of Studio A Recording (Buffalo, NY).

IR's Mixed by Johnny Fitzgerald (Ripchord Audio), and Isaiah Prather (Prather Audio).