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How to Install 3rd Party Serum Presets on Mac and Windows [FREE PRESETS INCLUDED]

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Whether you are a musician, producer, or even just curious about music creation you have probably heard of, or have seen somebody using Xfer Serum.

It’s one of the most popular VST synthesizers used in music production, and a super popular choice for adding synths into rock and metal music. One reason for it’s huge popularity over the years is the wide user-base with tons of tutorials and presets that are able to be imported easily and used right away. In this article, we'll go over the steps on how to add 3rd party presets into Xfer Serum.

Step 1: Download the presets (Don’t have any? Download ours for free HERE)

The first thing you'll need to do is download the 3rd party presets you want to import. You can find serum presets on our store, and various other places online such as music forums, youtube tutorials, etc!

Step 2: Unzip the presets

Once your presets are downloaded, you will need to unzip the folder to access the actual preset files. Choose the following method based on your File System:

Windows: To do this, right-click on the downloaded file and select "Extract All"

Mac: Simply double-click on the downloaded file to unzip it.

For RAR files you may need a 3rd-Party Extraction software. Here's what we recommend for WINDOWS, and for MAC.

Step 3: Move the presets to the correct location

Next, you'll need to move the unzipped preset files to the correct location on your computer. For Serum there are two default locations your files presets will save to. 

For Windows Users: \Documents\Xfer\Serum Presets\Presets

For Mac Users: \Library\Audio\Presets\Xfer Records\Serum Presets

Once you've found the correct folder, simply drag and drop the unzipped preset files into the folder you'd like to store them in, I use the "User" folder.

Another simple way to find this folder is to open Serum in your DAW and go to the settings menu, and click “Show Serum Presets Folder”, this will open your preset folder in your computer's saved location.

Serum "Show Presets Folder" Button, in settings.

Step 4: Update the preset list in Xfer Serum

Finally, you'll need to update the preset list in Xfer Serum so that it includes the new presets you've just added. To do this, open Xfer Serum and click on the "Presets" tab. From the dropdown menu, select "Refresh Presets". This will rescan your preset folder and your new presets to the list. You should now see your new presets in the dropdown menu and be able to use them in your songs!

And that's it! You’re ready to get back to writing, and using your new presets!

Still need some help?

Watch this video we made going over the entire process!