Introducing Clairvoyant Amp Suite Update 1.1: What's New and Improved? ModernMetalSongwriter graphic

Introducing Clairvoyant Amp Suite Update 1.1: What's New and Improved?

At Modern Metal Songwriter, we understand the unique needs of guitarists in modern rock and metal, and are striving to create the best songwriting tools available, which is why we're excited to announce the latest updates to our flagship amp suite, Clairvoyant. In this blog post, we'll unveil the enhanced features and additions in our latest update now available!

Clairvoyant | Amp Suite | Update 1.1 | New features, and improved workflow

    Exciting Additions

    In addition to the updates and fixes, we've added some exciting new features to Clairvoyant, empowering you to push the boundaries of your guitar tone, in just minutes. Let's take a closer look at what's new:

    • Standalone version: We're thrilled to introduce a standalone version of Clairvoyant | Amp Suite, allowing you to use the plugin for live performances or without a digital audio workstation (DAW). Now, you can take your favorite tones with you wherever you go and even unleash your creativity on stage.
    • Pitch Shifter/Transpose: Whether you're experimenting with harmonies or exploring unique sonic territories, the new Pitch Shifter in Clairvoyant | Amp Suite has got you covered. With the ability to shift your guitar's pitch up and down up to 12 semitones , you can create captivating melodies and unearth unconventional sounds. You can use it stepped, or unstepped, allowing for super exciting pitch shift opportunities!
    • Compressor Unit with Pre/Post Option: We've taken a world-class opto compressor and stuck it inside of Clairvoyant! With pre/post signal options and two basic controls for speed and compression amount, you can achieve glassy cleans and thick distorted rhythms effortlessly.
    • Parametric EQ: Achieving the perfect tonal balance is crucial for any guitarist. That's why we've introduced a Digital EQ directly inside of Clairvoyant | Amp Suite. With precise control over different frequency bands, you can sculpt your guitar sound with surgical precision and achieve the desired sonic characteristics without the need for any other plugins. This allow allows for highly specific album presets.
    • Brand New Artist Presets: As part of our commitment to providing you with a diverse range of high-quality presets, we're excited to collaborate with esteemed guitarists and producers. We've partnered with Jason Frankhouser (KillertoneTX), Scooter Allen, Mike Skinner, Jamie Slays (Andertons and JamieSlaysUK), and Amner Hunter to bring you fresh, inspiring tones that will ignite your creativity.

    Updates and Improvements

    In our continuous effort to provide the best, and easiest guitar tone experience for our users, we've made several updates and fixes to further enhance the Clairvoyant. Here's a quick rundown of what's new:

    • Improved gate: We've fine-tuned the gate function to ensure a smoother performance, eliminating any unwanted noise or artifacts and allowing for a smoother release.
    • A notch on the Enhance knob graphic: We believe in intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. To improve usability, we've added a slight notch on the Enhance knob graphic, allowing you to visually determine where a preset is dialed. It's a small but impactful improvement that will make navigating presets even more seamless.
    • Lowered gate starting position: The gate starting position has been lowered to a range of 30-35, allowing for better initial control over your guitar signal.
    • Ability to click on IR wav file: Previously, you could only select an IR folder, but now, you have the convenience of clicking directly on the IR wav file you want to load.
    • Listen mode: Introducing the listen mode, a feature that lets you preview presets without adjusting your input knob. It's a handy way to audition sounds before committing to any changes

    Check out all of the new features in the video here:

    How to Purchase Clairvoyant | Amp Suite

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