Home Studio Course Bundle

Home Studio Course Bundle

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Take Your Home Recorded Songs To The Next Level with the Home Studio Course Bundle!

Get Access to Concept to Completion with Tom Denney, as well as Editing Essentials with Mike Skinner!

From learning to write with a chart-topping rock musician, to learning how to do the final clean up on your home recorded tracks, this covers everything you need to get more music out in the world!

Included Course #1 - Concept To Completion with Tom Denney (Normally $299)

Tom and His Work

Meet Tom Denney, a significant figure in the modern metal scene, whose extensive career has profoundly influenced the genre. As a founding member and the original lead guitarist of A Day to Remember, Denney has been instrumental in defining the sound of modern metal and pop-punk. His contributions to pivotal albums like "Homesick" and "For Those Who Have Heart" have not only showcased his exceptional skills as a guitarist but have also left an undeniable mark on the music industry.

Beyond his achievements with A Day to Remember, Denney has distinguished himself as a talented producer and engineer, working with various bands to hone their sound and bring their musical visions to life. His expertise behind the scenes demonstrates a versatility and commitment to quality that has earned him respect across the music community.

Concept To Completion With Tom Denney

This course is tailored for rock and metal musicians looking to create a system that helps you put out better music more consistently, by removing the variables that slow the creative process.

With Tom's guidance, you'll learn how to turn your musical ideas into fully-fleshed songs, ready to record and send off for mixing!

This course is an invaluable resource for those looking to finish more riff ideas, and end up with less unfinished songs on your desktop left to be unheard

Included Course #2 - Editing Essentials (Normally $99)

Editing Essentials with Mike Skinner ModernMetalSongwriter


This course delivers your complete guide to editing, and finalizing your home recorded tracks before mixing!

From drums, to vocal tuning this course covers the entire process in 3 popular DAWs (Pro Tools, Reaper, and Cubase) from start to finish.

Whether you're just learning to record, or you're an established engineer: this course covers everything you need to know about editing rock and metal!

What You Get In This Bundle:

- 2 Course featuring over 45 Lesson Videos Total

- PDF Workbook for Both Courses

- Tom Denney’s Writing Template (Adapted for Various DAWs)

- Stems for the Song Tom Writes in the Course To Study!

- Multitracks From The Course To Practice Editing

- Exclusive Discounts from Some of The Best Plugin Companies In Our Space!