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Stay Metal Ray Reviews Clairvoyant | Amp Suite

Xander Raymond Charles, also known as Stay Metal Ray, recently took the time to check out the Clairvoyant | Amp Suite plugin here at MMS. In his YouTube review, XRC demonstrates the features of the plugin and especially enjoyed how it is meant to be for guitarists who just want to write and not worry about excessive tone chasing.

With his Les Paul Custom tuned to drop B, Ray shows us how this metal guitar plugin can transform your guitar tone and take it to the next level. He also walks us through some of the features that make Clairvoyant Amp Suite such a versatile amp sim, including the Overdrive, Fuzz (which is now a free plugin!), Lo-Fi, delay, and reverb pedal.

Clairvoyant | Amp Suite Pedal Board Ad Photo

And let's not forget the tilt knob - which balances the presence and resonance of your tone with ease, something XRC especially loves.

Clairvoyant | Amp Suite HVY AMP Screenshot GUI

He mentions towards the end of the video that “one of my favorite things about the Clairvoyant is the overall approach and just the overall philosophy with the amp sim. I am one that just doesn't like to deep dive into tones. I like to just play. I'm not an engineer, I'm not a producer, I'm not a mixer, I'm a player - you know what I mean? I'm a guitar player. So, at the end of the day, more often than not I like to just load up an amp sim and just put it on my track and just go!” 

If you're a guitarist looking for album-worthy guitar tones without the need for hours of dialing settings, definitely consider giving it a try!

And if you need inspiration, Xander has got you covered with his expertly crafted presets, ranging from baritone and high gain tones to chugs, clean tones, and even ambient tones, and you can try them for free in the trial of Clairvoyant, which you can find here!

So what are you waiting for? Let Stay Metal Ray (Xander Raymond Charles) show you why the Clairvoyant Amp Suite from Modern Metal Songwriter is a must-have for any metal guitarist looking to take their tone to the next level!

Huge thank you to Xander for checking out Clairvoyant, and giving it such a positive review!