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Staying Creative and Overcoming Writer's Block in the Studio

As a musician or songwriter, you are aware of how crucial it is to remain active and creative, especially when your time may be limited due to financial or other external restraints.

Unfortunately, writer's block can strike at any time, leaving you feeling frustrated and uninspired. But fortunately, there are many ways to overcome writer's block and stay creative even during those moments when it feels like all inspiration is hopelessly lost forever.

At Modern Metal Songwriter, we understand the importance of staying creative and productive. That's why we offer a couple of free sample and preset packs to jumpstart your creativity. But beyond that, we also want to provide you with some tips for defeating creative block whenever it occurs!

Tip 1: Start with a Clear Mind

Getting started with a clear head is absolutely essential to overcoming writer's block and unleashing your creativity. When your mind is cluttered with distractions and problems, it can be difficult to focus on your music and take it in the direction it needs to go. That's why it's so important to take some time to relax and clear your mind before you start creating. There are a ton of different ways to do this, so find what works best for you and make it a regular part of your creative process.

Some people find meditation or deep breathing exercises helpful, while others prefer to go for a walk or do some light exercise. Whatever method you choose, make sure to take some time to focus on your breath and let go of any distracting thoughts. It also helps to turn off your phone if possible, or maybe even just "do not disturb" mode so that you can get some uninterrupted time in. Light a candle, dim the lights, all of these things can help clear your mind and give you a fresh start without the clutter of a million thoughts racing while trying to write your next riff.

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Tip 2: Take Breaks

Taking breaks is an important part of staying creative and avoiding burnout. When you feel stuck or uninspired, stepping away from your work for a little while can help refresh your mind and give you a new perspective when you return. 

Taking breaks can also help prevent burnout, which can be a common problem for creative people. By taking regular breaks, you can avoid getting overwhelmed or feeling like you're working on autopilot.

When taking breaks, try to do something that's completely unrelated to your work. Go for a walk, read a book, play video games, get something to eat, drink some coffee, the list is endless of things that can help your brain relax and welcome in new creative ideas. These things can help you recharge your batteries and come back to your song with a fresh perspective. With fresh ears, you can often make better, more thoughtful decisions about your music.

Tip 3: Embrace Collaboration

Collaboration can be an extremely powerful tool for overcoming writer's block. By working with other artists and songwriters, you can gain new perspectives and ideas that you may not have thought of on your own. When collaborating, it's important to keep an open mind and be willing to compromise your vision for the overall song. Remember, the goal is to create something new and unique that reflects the ideas of everyone involved, not to stay stuck on your own ideas. You can always try and develop that vision you have in your own tracks, once you are ready to work alone again!

There are many ways to find collaborators, both online and in person. Online forums and social media groups can be great places to connect with other musicians and songwriters, while local networking events and open mic nights can be great ways to meet people in person. We recommend joining our free Facebook Group "Modern Metal Songwriters" as this active community full of rock and metal songwriters and is a great resource for finding other like-minded musicians to write with. We also run songwriting contests every month that are free to join, so be sure to get in the group and get involved! We constantly see new music posted featuring our group members!

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Tip 4: Educate Yourself

Continuing education can be a great way to get those creative juices flowing. By learning new skills or techniques, you can expand your toolbox and come up with fresh ideas for your music.

There are many ways to continue your education as a musician or songwriter. While local classes and workshops might offer a more hands-on learning experience, online courses, and workshops can be an amazing way to acquire new skills from the comfort of your own home, and jumpstart your creativity!

When seeking out educational opportunities, look for courses or workshops that focus on areas where you feel you could use improvement. For example, if you struggle with lyrics, consider taking a course on songwriting or poetry to help improve your skills in that area. There are a ton of resources these days, and many of them are free, so be sure to take advantage of them!

If you want weekly videos that help you learn a new home recording, or songwriting topic, go subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

Tip 5: Try Something New

Sometimes, all it takes to break through writer's block is to try something new. Whether it's learning a new instrument, experimenting with a new genre, a new tuning, just stepping outside of your comfort zone can help spark new ideas and creativity.

One common trope is that many metal musicians don’t listen to metal for inspiration. You hear this in so many interviews with metal bands. This is because they take the best elements from other styles and apply them to metal, therefore creating something new and fresh. You will always struggle to create something new if the only thing you are listening to is the genre you create.

Don't be afraid to take risks and try something that may be outside of your usual style or genre. You may be surprised at what you come up with when you step outside your comfort zone.


Writer's block can be a frustrating experience, but it doesn't have to be a roadblock to your creativity. By starting with a clear mind, being sure that you take necessary breaks, embracing collaboration, continuing your education, and trying something new, you can break through creative block and stay productive in the studio.

At Modern Metal Songwriter, we're passionate about helping you unleash your creativity and take your music to new heights. That's why we offer an incredible array of free sample and preset packs, as well as top-notch educational content and cutting-edge audio plugins designed to inspire and elevate your music!

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So the next time you find yourself stuck in a creative rut, remember these tips, and don't be afraid to try something new! With a little bit of effort and some out-of-the-box thinking, you can conquer writer's block and unleash your full creative potential in the studio.

Happy Songwriting!